Cannabis & Hemp

Cannabis Farm
Washington State

Visual comparison of the differences between cannabis plants that were and were not given Mineral Max. The plants that were fed Mineral Max are significantly bigger.

Dirk: I own and operate a licensed Tier 3 recreational marijuana farm in Washington state with 30,000 square feet of cultivatable area. Overall, I felt the algae worked well as a fertilizer and I will use it again, probably in conjunction with other additives in a “tea” used in an irrigation system. The lack of solids in the algae works well with drip irrigation systems.

Upon completion of the tests that I ran, the test plants, which received Pacific Plant Nutrients’ Mineral MAX AG inoculations, grew to 9 – 14 feet in height. The control plants, which did not receive Mineral MAX AG at all, grew to an average of 5 – 6 feet by the end of testing.

As an organic compound, Mineral MAX AG is less prone to contaminating the soil with salts and other chemicals. I also found that the bottled product seemed “shelf-stable.”

Cannabis Farm
Eugene, Oregon

Cannabis clones from the 6 inch x 6 weeks cannabis test. The plants that were fed Mineral Max Nutrient Biostimulant are much larger and more lush than the control group plant that was not fed Mineral MAX AG.

Farmer: Mineral MAX AG Nutrient Biostimulant fixed the crop’s photosynthesis glitch issues and unleashed at least 40% greater growth in just 6 weeks. Our test plot size was 6′ x 6′.

Fresh Green Organic Farm (CBD)
Klamath Falls, Oregon

Several healthy, thriving cannabidiol (CBD) plants; the plants take up the entire canvass.

Clay & Tex, FRESH GREEN ORGANIC FARM, Klamath Falls, OR: We amend all our beds and add a lot of nutrients to the soil. However, adding nutrients to the soil doesn’t necessarily mean that your plants will absorb the nutrients. We have seen that things go well when we supplement all the nutrients and the existing fertilizer with Mineral MAX AG. We get a whole month of extra life out of the soil by using Mineral MAX AG for a once-a-week feeding. Our plants are still going strong after they have eaten up every ounce of energy from that soil.

We feel like it increases the microbes in the soil for sure. We can tell that Mineral MAX AG kick-starts the microbes in the soil. It interacts with whatever microbe it finds in the soil and gets everything going. It is obvious to us that it is dramatically stimulating microbial life. Even though the leaves become greener and thicker, we think a lot of the action is happening at the roots. It helps bring out whatever is in the soil and makes it available for the roots

Cannabis Crop
San Luis Obispo County

Rows of cannabis plants; the crops in the row fertilized with Mineral Max are larger, greener, and more robust

This farmer used 1 ounce per gallon of water of Pacific Plant Nutrients’ Mineral MAX AG for his cannabis trial. He reported a noticeable improvement. The cannabis plants fertilized with Mineral MAX AG produced twice as many flowers as the plants that were not given our nutrient biostimulant.

Additional Testimonials

My son’s cannabis plants are flowering beautifully thanks to Mineral MAX AG!
—Deborah H, SW Oregon