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Mineral MAX AG is a concentrated plant biostimulant composed of sustainably harvested blue-green algae and several nutrients that significantly benefit plants and soil. We recommend adding 1–4 ounces of Mineral MAX AG to 1 gallon of water. See our Mixing Chart for more information. Below are also cost and yield calculations based on the price/quantity purchased and the actual amount of fertilizer produced.

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Mineral MAX AG Pricing Chart per Sizing/Quantity from 1 Gallon to 6,000 gallons. Chart includes price per gallon and total price based on quantity.

1. Delivery charges not included. Please see Shipping Notes below.
2. $180 deposit is required for totes (refunded upon return).


  1. All orders are FOB (Freight on Board) from Chiloquin, Oregon 97624. We will help arrange the shipping method of your choice with a freight broker, independent truckers/drivers, FedEx bulk rates, or direct pickup when applicable.
  2. Totes are built into pallets. The weight of a tote-pallet is 110 pounds; the dimensions are 46 inches (length) x 40 inches (width) x 46 inches (height). The shipping cost depends on weight and destination.
  3. Generally, the 5-gallon pails will cost $25–$50 to ship. The 9-pail or greater quantity will fit on a pallet.
  4. A down payment will need to be made for 50% of the total cost of product and shipping. The remainder will be due before delivery commences.

1 gallon of Mineral MAX AG makes 96 gallons @ a concentration of 1.5 oz. per gallon.
We generally recommend using 1–4 ounces per gallon, depending on the application.

Cost Calculations

The Mineral MAX AG Acreage Calculations chart is based on a solution concentration of 1.5 oz per gallon of water.

Mineral MAX AG Ingredients: Blue Green algae (AFA) base, Humates (Humic and Fulvic acids and other Humates), Icelandic Kelp, Azomite® (Volcanic micronized grade), Charcoal powder, and a small amount of D-Limonene. 

5-sided polygon chart listing the 6 ingredients that Mineral MAX AG is composed of.  A different color is used for each component
Mineral MAX AG Nutrient Biostimulant Components