The following web pages contain information on the science behind and the components used in Pacific Plant Nutrients’ Mineral MAX AG Nutrient Biostimulant.

Algae-World: Klamath Lake Blue-Green Algae News

Earth’s First Foods
(See “The EcoSystem” for geology information)

Klamath Blue-Green Algae
Springer Publishing

Klamath Blue-Green Algae Information
Power Organics

Water Quality Conditions in Upper Klamath & Agency Lakes
United States Geological Survey

How Cyanobacteria took over the World
Journey to the Microcosms
, YouTube video, 13 min
Journey to the Microcosms YouTube channel


Algae defined, Wikipedia

Algaebase::Listing the World’s Algae


The Benefits of Seaweed in Agriculture
Webinar featuring John Kempf
Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA) YouTube, 36 min

The Amazing Benefits of Algae and Seaweed
Source Vital Apothecary

What is Sea Kelp Extract?
Green Eden,

Marine Algae and Health
Marine Algae — Kelp
Earth’s First Foods

How To Use Kelp in the Garden

Articles — Seaweed & Kelp


What Are Humic Acids?
Green Eden

What is Humic Acid?
Effects of Humic Acid in Agriculture

A History of Humic Acid Research

The Benefits of Humic Substances in Agriculture
Webinar featuring John Kempf
Advancing Eco Agriculture YouTube channel, 44 min

The Best Kept Secret In the Fertilizer Industry: Liquid Humates,
Green Earth Agriculture, YouTube video, 27 min

Using Humic Substances to Improve Plant Growth
Ohio’s Country Journal,

How To Use Humic Acid for Plants
Global Garden

The Anderson’s Humic Solutions
The Effects of Humic Acids on the Availability of Phosphorus Fertilizers in Alkaline Soil

—Soil Use & Management, 1995
Application of Humic Substances Increases Crop Yield & Nutrient Uptake
—Journal of Plant Nutrition, 2009
A Review of Humus and Humic Acids
Research from Around the Industry
Our Technology
—Technical information

Humic Acid Presentation
Bio-Gro Inc
, YouTube video, 12 min

Why Are Humic and Fulvic Acids So Good for Plants?
GreenGold Farms

Humic and Fulvic Acids
, YouTube video, 14 min

Fulvic Acid Explained
Beal Media
, YouTube video, 47 min

Fulvic Acid, The Fulvic Factor
Plant Essentials

Oxidized Lignites and Extracts from Oxidized Lignites in Agriculture
—Michael Karr, Ph.D., May 2001


All about Azomite,® a natural mineral product, on the registered trademark owner’s website.

What is Azomite® AZOMITE® and How to Use It in Gardening
Grower Today

Rock Dust

How to Use Fertilizers — Rock Dust
Grow Organic

New UC Davis Center Paves the Way for Rock Dust Research
Remineralize the Earth Blog
Taste the Remineralization: Rock Dust Helps Canadian Vineyard Improve Soil, Wine Grapes
Remineralize the Earth

Why Rock Dust? Video and Text
Build A Soil

Rock Dust… DUH!
Dave’s Garden

Rock Dusts in Agriculture: Insights on Remineralization and Paramagnetism
—Steve Diver, Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (ATTRA)

Rock Dust Local
A Rock Dust Primer: Frequently Asked Questions

Secrets From the Deep: Volcanic Basalt’s Mineral Benefits are Far-Reaching
Cascade Minerals

Taste the Remineralization: Rock Dust Helps Canadian Vineyard Improve Soil, Wine Grapes
Taste the Remineralization


The Role of Carbon in Promoting Healthy Soils
Future Directions International

What is Soil Organic Carbon?
Government of Western Australia
Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development

Fact Sheet: Soil Carbon Sequestration
American University School of International Service
, Washington, DC

Managing Soil Nitrogen and Carbon Sequestration
Webinar with John Kempf
Advancing Eco Agriculture YouTube channel, 48 min

Rebuilding the Soil Carbon Sponge
Podcast with John Kempf

Advancing Eco Agriculture YouTube channel, 47 min

The Benefits of Activating the Carbon Sequestration Switch in your Garden

Soil Carbon Coalition Learning Resources,
Learning resources about soil carbon and biological work

Amazing Carbon,
Articles on carbon sponsored by Dr. Christine Jones, Ph.D.

Interview with Dr. Christine Jones, AcresUSA, March 2015 issue
Discusses life-giving link between carbon and healthy topsoil

Carbon Smart Farming
Rock Dust Local


The Ultimate Guide to Biochar
Paul Morris, Ecologist
Planet Healers YouTube video, 2020, 33 min

Unique Process ‘Cleans’ Crop Water Runoff When Using Dairy Manure as Fertilizer
Agrilife TODAY
, November 23, 2020

Living Web Farms
Biochar Inoculation with Dan Hettinger
video, 39 min
Biochar Workshop Part 1: How To Make Biochar
video, 41 min
Biochar Workshop Part 2: Why To Make Biochar
video, 58 min
Biochar Workshop Part 3: The Carbon Cycle
video, 59 mi
Biochar Workshop Part 4: The Biochar Facility
video, 19 min
Biochar Workshop Part 5: Biochar & The Greenhouse
video, 31 min


Amino Acids

The Role and Function of Amino Acids in Plants

Amino Acids — Here’s What They Do For Cannabis Plants
Royal Queen Seeds
Cannabis Blog

What Are Amino Acids for Plants?
Green Eden

Growth Hormones

Cytokinins: History, Function, and Uses
Biology Discussion

Major Plant Hormones (& How to Remember Them
Khan Academy
, India, YouTube video, 15 min

Plant Hormones and Their Functions


Silica in Plants: Biological, Biochemical, and Chemical Studies
Annals of Botany,
Volume 100 Issue 7
Heather A. Currie, Carole C. Perry
December 2007 pages 1383 – 1389

How to Use Silica in the Cannabis Garden

The Benefits of Silica in Your Garden
San Diego Hydro

The Benefits of Soluble Silicon for Plant Health and Growth
Professor Lawrence Datnoff

Louisiana State University Agriculture Center
YouTube video, 6 min

The Role of Silicon in Soil Phosphorus Mobilization
Sustainable Phosphorus Alliance

YouTube video, 15.5 min

The Benefits of Silicon for Soil & Plants


What Are Biostimulants?
Impello Biosciences
,, Blog

Biostimulants: What Are They and Do They Work?
University of Minnesota Extension

Minnesota Crop News,

The Use and Benefits of Biostimulants


Keys to Building a Healthy Soil
Holistic Regeneration of Our Lands: A Producer’s Perspective
Gabe Brown, Transcend Productions
YouTube video, 2014, 58 min

Understanding Our Soil: The Nitrogen Cycle, Fixers and Fertilizer
Jimi Sol
, Educational Animation
YouTube video, 2021, 4 min

Dr. Elaine Ingham
Soil Food Web School
The Sustainable Design Masterclass, “From Barren Ground to Fertile Soil”
YouTube video, 201 min

Soil & Water Conservation Society

The Soil and Health Library

Living Soil: A Documentary
Soil Health Institute
, YouTube, 60 min

Innovative Agriculture

ATTRA Sustainable Agriculture
National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT)

Marrone Bio Innovations
Sustainable Bio-based Solutions for Pest Management and Plant Health

Plant Information Online

Unified Community: Sustainable Agriculture & Soil

Center for New Crops & Plants Products
Purdue University

Absorption of Water in Plants
Biology Reader

Regenerative Agriculture

Changing Agronomy with Biology
Webinar with John Kempf
Advancing Eco Agriculture YouTube channel, 110 min

In Defense of Biological Systems
Podcast with John Kempf and Robert Linderman
Advancing Eco Agriculture YouTube channel, 80 min

How To Address Micronutrient Deficiencies
Webinar with John Kempf
Advancing Eco Agriculture, YouTube, 61 min

Understanding Redox Potential Academy

The 4 Fundamental Ecosystem Processes
Managing Wholes library

Harvesting Microbes

How to Harvest Microbes from the Land to Build Your Soil —Know Your Soil
Ashley KnowsYourWorld, YouTube video, 2013, 10 min

The Rhizophagy Cycle: How Plants Get Nutrients from Microbes
James F. White
, Bionutrient Food Association
YouTube video, 93 min

How Plants Absorb Living Microbes and Convert Soil Pathogens into Beneficials
Podcast with John Kempf and Dr. James White
Advancing Eco Agriculture YouTube channel, 67 min

How to Add Beneficial Fungi to your Soil
Sustainability Theory, YouTube video, 5.5 min


How To Manage Microbial Biostimulants
Webinar with John Kempf
Advancing Eco Agriculture, YouTube video, 81 min

What Are Mycorrhizae?
Green Eden

Plant Revolution: Mycorrhizae FAQ
Plant Revolution Inc

Mycorrhizal Fungi: The Root of Things
Earthcrew Inc., YouTube video, 2021, 2 min

Mycorrhizae News
Mycorrhizal Applications

ARCHIVES — Additional Plant Nutrients

Green Sand

What is Greensand and How Do You Use It in Your Garden?
Morning Chores

Green Sand, Wikipedia

SEA CROP® Ocean Mineral Concentrate

Information page on Sea Crop® Ocean Mineral Concentrate
Invented and manufactured by Arthur Ziegler, Ambrosia Technology LLC

Seawater Concentrate for Abundant Agriculture
Excerpts by Paul Gaylon from the book of the same name by Arthur Ziegler

The Big Blue — Seawater Concentrate for Abundant Agriculture
Review of Chapter 27 from the book “Geotherapy: Innovative Methods of Soil Fertility Restoration, Carbon Sequestration, and Reversing CO2 Increase,” Remineralize the Earth