Fruits & Vegetables

Butter Lettuce

The 72-hour Butter Lettuce Test: Mineral MAX AG has made a big difference in this butter lettuce crop in only three days! The head of butter lettuce above on the left was not fertilized with Mineral MAX AG. The head on the right was in the test group that was fed Mineral MAX AG Nutrient Biostimulant. The differences are very noticeable!


A close up photo of a large and heatlhy kale plant in a home garden.

Doug & Kim, Santa Cruz, CA: Our Kale plants are doing very well and are thriving with Mineral MAX AG.


Broccoli plant, flower and leaves in ground

Uma T, Trinidad, CA: My broccoli plants are doing so well with Pacific Plant Nutrients’ Mineral MAX AG!

Spaghetti Squash & Tree Collard

Close-up photo of a spaghetti squash nest to a close-up photo of a tree collard.

Paul G, Aptos, CA: My tree collards have huge leaves and I had a great yield. The collards make a great addition to stir fry. The spaghetti squash was a volunteer plant that took in the nutrients from Mineral MAX AG. Both plants grew very large.

Radishes & Beets

A bunch of radishes from Connie's garden.

Connie, Elk Grove, CA: “My beets and radishes really took off with Mineral MAX AG. I am really happy with it!”

Peach Trees

Close up of peaches in tree

Paul R, Corralitos, CA: My peach trees are responding well to Mineral MAX AG!


2 photos: 1) 3 banana trees and a person looking at them who is about 1/3 of the height of the banana trees.
2) Close up of banana tree trunk and foliage.

Barry T, Aptos, CA: Mineral MAX AG has helped straighten and stabilize my banana trees. People marvel at how robust and flourishing my banana trees are. I used one ounce of Mineral Max AG Nutrient Biostimulator per gallon of water.


Strawberry and leaves on plant

Steve G, Aptos, CA: Each time I fertilized my strawberry plants with Mineral MAX AG the plants revived and produced more fruit. I did this three times and it worked every time. My strawberry yields have improved considerably.


Close up of a chayote (a type of squash)

Jose B, Watsonville, CA: The Chayotes in my garden have been growing well with Mineral MAX AG! Thank you!

Pepino Melón

Two close-up photos of a Pepino Melón and another photo of a Pepino Melón bush

Monica M, Freedom, CA: My Pepino Melóns are producing lots of fruit and are thriving thanks to Mineral MAX AG. The plants are adapting well here.


Grapes on vines with big leaves

Andy S, Talent, OR: My grapes are doing very well. I have a huge harvest and the grapes are very sweet.


Close up of 8 beans and the leaves on the vine that they are growing on.

Bonnie S, Encinitas, CA: Even in marginal soil, Mineral MAX AG has made a great difference with my bean crop!


Fresh tomatillos

Pepe, Salinas, CA: My tomatillos are thriving with just a small amount of Mineral MAX AG.


Tomatoes plants

John and Karen S, Talent, OR: My tomato plants are really healthy. They love Mineral MAX AG!


Image of tomato plants before WOWGROWAlgae and after WOWGROWAlgae application.

Susan, Carmel Valley, CA: “A dear friend gave me some beautiful tomato seedlings. Some sort of animal got in my greenhouse and ate these seedlings down to just nubs. I used wire to enclose them and gave them some Mineral MAX AG and hoped for the best.  Here are the Before and After Mineral Max AG photos. It didn’t take a long time… maybe two weeks…”

Heirloom Tomatoes

"Frankenstein" tomato plant and the tomato that it produced in its second year!

Penelope, San Diego, CA:: “Yes, that is my heirloom tomato plant. My name is Penelope and I live in San Diego. It’s mid-January and we are now experiencing 84° weather. These pics show our patio tomato plant. We call it FRANKENSTEIN. This is an annual plant and yet, this is its second winter. It WON’T die. It comes back with a vengeance each year! I just feed it Mineral MAX AG mixed with water on top of a quality potting mix. We can’t believe the result.

Additional Testimonials

“My pear tree was growing underneath oak trees and looked dead. I applied Mineral MAX AG solution and the tree came back to life quickly. It is now thriving.”
—Bonnie S, Las Lomas, CA