Commercial & Specialty Crops

Potato Farm

Potato farm crops with a truck delivering a load of Mineral Max nutrient biostimulant

Farm Manager: After two days of using Mineral MAX AG, we noticed an immediate and favorable sign in the petiole test results of the plant. We ordered another 3,000 gallons of Mineral MAX AG to continue with the applications.

Basil— Flower— Vegetable Farm

Large greenhouse with dozens of beds containing basil plants in various stages of growth

Clay & Tex, Fresh Green Organic Farm, Klamath Falls, Oregon: Mineral MAX AG is a great all-around fertilizer. We use it for vegetables, flowers, seedlings, pots, and beds. We apply it in-ground and foliar. It’s like a one-stop-shop kind of fertilizer. That’s what we all want; it’s a good thing to have in your program. Mineral MAX AG is a good additive because it doesn’t have a lot of nitrogen in it so you don’t burn your plants.

We give Mineral MAX AG to our little pots where the plants are de-leafing a bit and are turning yellow; they come back with a vengeance. Mineral MAX AG kicks the yellowing right out and gives us thicker leaves. When we transplant our plants, Mineral MAX AG helps the plants get through the initial transplant shock.

Habanero Peppers

Habanero peppers  held IN a farmer's hand. The larger habaneros were fertilized with Mineral MAX AG and the much smaller ones were not.

David: I own a start-up brand of hot sauces and I am always searching for ways to enhance the size and potency of my pepper crops. The peppers in my hand are the peppers that I grew before. Now, after two applications of Mineral MAX AG, the habaneros are as large as my thumbs and are twice as hot! The difference in the yield is unlike anything that I have ever experienced.


Tobacco Farmer: Mineral MAX AG Nutrient Biostimulant was used in a comparison test on tobacco crops. There was a control group and test group which were farmed in the exact same manner. The only exception was that the plants in the test group were fertilized with Mineral MAX AG. The plants in the control group plants were not. The photo above shows the results. The plants in the test group that were fed Mineral MAX AG grew larger and more robust than the control group plants.